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10 years of PS.SPEICHER

A year of mobility!

Under this motto, numerous events will take place throughout the twelve months. In addition to the “Coffee & Car Body” vehicle meetings, the traditional PS.BIKERTAG or a blue light day as well as lectures by the FörderFreunde PS.SPEICHER e.V. ensure mobility around the PS.SPEICHER.

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Opening of PS.Learning workshop



Sittensen commercial vehicle collection




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Hotel FREIgeist



Start of construction of the PS.SPEICHER

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Establishing the

history 1897-2009

Stadtarchiv Einbeck 1.jpg

1897 - 1913
The Einbecker Kornhaus is built

With the help of a Prussian funding program for the construction of grain storage facilities, the agricultural cooperative in Einbeck built a granary in 1898. 


It will be a six-story brick building with a wooden interior structure that can hold around 1,000 tons of grain. The Einbeck company Schramm is responsible for the construction planning and implementation.

Key data

  • 1897 Founding of the Einbeck Agricultural Sales Cooperative

  • 1898/99 construction of the Einbeck Kornhaus

  • 1899 lease and commissioning by the cooperative

  • 1901 The cooperative was renamed KORNHAUS eGmbH

Herbert Richter_MY.jpg

1933 - 2000
The granary
in everyday operations

The granary continued to operate until the year 2000. In addition to a more modern silo building from the 1960s, some of the historic bulk floors continue to be used. In the years that followed, the granary changed hands several times and threatened to degenerate into an industrial wasteland.

Key data

  • 1934 Reconstruction of the extension building

  • 1947 Construction of a scale with a weighing house

  • 1964 Reconstruction and extension of the office building

  • 1978 The two storage buildings are listed as historical monuments

Einbeck City Archives 2.jpg

1914 - 1933
The cooperative takes over

In 1914, KORNHAUS eGmbH acquired the business from the Prussian state and built a four-story extension with similar storage capacity. This extension collapsed in 1933 and was rebuilt the following year with a modified facade and reinforced interior.

Key data

  • 1914 KORNHAUS eGmbH kbought the storage facility for 65,000 marks from the Prussian state.

  • 1914 Expansion of the granary and construction of an office building

  • 1933 Collapse of the storage section added in 1914 due to structural defects

KHR-Claus-Martin Friese.jpg

2000 - 2014
The way to

In 2009, the Einbeck merchant acquiredKarl-Heinz Rehkopfthe granary to realize the PS.SPEICHER in it.


Between 2012 and 2014, the historic storage building will be restored in accordance with listed buildings and converted for its new use as an exhibition building.

10 years ps.speicher


A highlight is the big birthday party and the PS.SPEICHER rally as part of the Einbeck Classic Car Days 2024 (June 28th – 30th). We have also prepared special exit routes. These lead to sights and interesting places in Einbeck, its communities and the region. There is a lot to discover. Whether with classic or classic cars from the PS.SPEICHER rental pool or your own vehicle. Of course, the routes are also suitable for bicycles. A special competition in the Porsche racing simulator at PS.SPEICHER, organized by FörderFreunde, rounds off the program.

In addition, the Einbeck restaurateurs, the city museum as well as Einbeck Tourism, Einbeck Marketing and the Einbeck Concert & Culture Friends (KFE e.V.) are presenting joint activities. Special holiday programs and special tourist offers related to the topic of mobility are being considered. A beer garden on the grounds of the Mendelssohn Music School is also part of the activities. Another (mobile) highlight is a repetition of the historic beer trek from Einbeck to Lübeck. Unlike 1972, however, cargo bikes will be covering the route in 2024. The starting signal will take place on June 28th in front of the PS.SPEICHER.

Year of Mobility-10Sek Trailer 2 GIF S.gif

The year 2024 brings a breeze of fresh air
to Einbeck:
Einbeck is on the move!

Immerse yourself in a journey through time through the world of transport and mobility as Einbeck proudly opens the doors of its museum to celebrate the legacy of bygone times and the future of mobility. Welcome to a year full of nostalgia, fascination and unforgettable experiences in the #vintagecartownEinbeck!


View all events for the “Year of Mobility 2024”.

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