PS.Halle facts and figures

  • Seats in gallery: up to 95

  • Seats on ground floor with small stage: up to 622

  • Seats on ground floor with large stage: up to 608

  • Seats on ground floor with concert stage: up to 522

  • Stage: motorised rising podiums 60 m² (6 m x 10 m)

  • Stage: expandable to 140 m² (10 m x 14 m)

  • Wall panelling in oak veneer and acoustic structures:  400 m²

  • Floor-to-ceiling acoustic panels on ground floor: 24 pcs

  • Floor-to-ceiling acoustic panels on upper floor: 28 pcs

The acoustic panels have one sound-absorbing and one sound-reflecting side each, to adapt the acoustic properties of the hall for different event types.


  • Ground floor area of the hall: 800 m²

  • Gallery area: 500 m²

Functional building with banquet kitchen, artist dressing room and rehearsal room