From granary to PS.SPEICHER

The centre of the exhibition is the six-storey granary from 1898.
The former grain storage rooms now house rare specimens that tell the story of individual motorisation. What used to be a storeroom for horsefeed is now home to historic horsepower.

From storehouse to PS.SPEICHER

Find out how the old Einbeck storehouse became today’s PS.SPEICHER. We hope you enjoy viewing our story!

1897 - 1913 The Einbeck storehouse is built


The construction drawing of the storehouse from 1898

With the aid of a Prussian funding programme for the construction of granaries, the Einbeck agricultural cooperative commissioned the construction of the storehouse in 1898.

It was built as a six-storey brick building with a wooden internal structure with capacity for around 1,000 tons of grain. The planning and construction was implemented by the Einbeck company, Schramm.


Key dates

  • 1897 Establishment of the Einbeck agricultural cooperative
  • 1898/99 Construction of the Einbeck storehouse
  • 1899 Leasing and commissioning by the cooperative
  • 1901 Renaming of the cooperative to KORNHAUS eGmbH

1914 - 1933 The cooperative takes over


The second part of the building after its collapse on 13th September 1933

1914 KORNHAUS eGmbH takes over operation of the storehouse from the Prussian state and erects a four-storey extension with similar storage capacity. This extension collapsed in 1933 and was rebuilt the following year, with a different facade and internal reinforcements.

Key dates

  • 1914 KORNHAUS eGmbH buys the storehouse from the Prussian state for 65,000 marks.
  • 1914 Extension of the granary and construction of an office building
  • 1933 Collapse of the extended part of the granary from 1914 due to structural faults

1933 - 2000 The granary in daily operation


The storehouse with the adjacent weighing house in 1955
The storehouse in poor condition before its conversion into the PS.SPEICHER

The storehouse remained operational until 2000. In addition to a modern silo building built in the 1960s, the historic granaries remained partially in use. In the following years, the storehouse changed hands several times and was at risk of becoming industrial wasteland.

Key dates

  • 1934 Reconstruction of the extension
  • 1947 Construction of a scale with weighing house
  • 1964 Conversion and vertical extension of the office building
  • 1978 The two storage buildings are listed as historical monuments

2000 - 2014 The way to the PS.SPEICHER


Restoration of the listed building in 2011

In 2009, Einbeck businessman Karl-Heinz Rehkopf purchases the storehouse with plans to realise the PS.SPEICHER. Between 2012 and 2014, the former storehouse was historically restored and converted for its new function as an exhibition building.