Internships at the PS.SPEICHER

One of the key aims of our internships is to help young people with their career choice and prepare them for working life.

 We offer internships in the following areas:

  • Press and public relations / Marketing

  • Exhibition management / Museum education / PS.Learning Workshop

  • Event management and tourism

  • Event technology

  • Shop / Information / Checkout

The aim of an internship at the PS.SPEICHER is to acquire basic knowledge and experience within the respective area. Ideally, internships should end with an independent final project. For this reason, and in order to acquire sufficient experience, internships should generally last three months or even longer in the case of internships accompanying formal education.

Shadowing in other departments is encouraged to gain insights into our work procedures.  Individual compensation for expenses is paid in the form of an allowance. Accommodation in a rent-free room on the premises of the PS.SPEICHER is available, if required. Internships are available to start all year round.


Please apply by email, specifying your preferred area of interest: