Choose the PS.SPEICHER as your event venue

Five years after the PS.SPEICHER was originally opened purely as an interactive exhibition, the venue now offers numerous other usage options. As well as the exhibition spaces for the main and special exhibitions, in recent years, additional rooms have been added that can be used for events of various sizes.

We can offer the right location for any celebration – whatever the occasion, size or scope. Contact us!

For example, the PS.Halle offers space for up to 800 people with a total area of approx. 1,300 m² (ground floor and gallery), and thanks to its multifunctional design, is ideal for large events such as concerts, banquets, conferences, congresses and company gatherings.

The 450 m² PS.Forum has capacity for 400 people, but is also ideal for smaller, private events and celebrations, thanks to the flexibility of the space.

For groups of 30–100 people, we recommend the Megola or Benz-Victoria rooms next to the GENUSSWERKSTATT restaurant.

In the PS.SPEICHER Lernwerkstatt, there is less focus on festivity, but rather on crafting and getting “stuck in”. The 1,000 m² area contains an automotive and metal workshop, as well as conference and seminar rooms. As a result, the PS.SPEICHER Lernwerkstatt is ideal for team events and employee training sessions. Of course, this area can also be rented by private individuals.

Further and more detailed information about the individual rooms and the corresponding contact details can be found on the respective sub-pages.

If you cannot find the right location for you at first glance, or are uncertain which one would best be suited to your needs, please contact

Anika Schmitt
( +49 (0) 5561 92320292 or

Our events team would be happy to advise you and create a tailored offer for you on request.