Site/overview of the PS.SPEICHER

         An overview of the PS.SPEICHER site.
There are plenty of free parking spaces available, including for coaches. In addition, there is an electric charging station for electric cars, pedelecs and e-bikes. The car park can be accessed via Jahnstraße. Directions can be found on the page “How to find us”.

You can also explore the entire site in 360°. The online project EINBECK.ZOOM360 by Michaela Hundertmark and Michael Mehle shows exclusive aerial and interior images of the PS.SPEICHER.

Travel back in time through the main exhibition.

Use the photo stations in the exhibitions for a unique souvenir! You can have the photos developed at the checkout in the foyer or download them from our website later.

Directions to the PS.SPEICHER Depots

Please note that the PS.SPEICHER Depot Lkw + Bus with the collection of historic commercial vehicles is located in the Otto Hahn Park at Otto-Hahn-Straße 3-5 and not on the premises of the PS.SPEICHER. A sketch with directions to the Otto Hahn Park is available here.

The PS.SPEICHER Depot Kleinwagen with the Besucherzentrum can be found at Altendorfer Tor 3 (access via Schusterstr.). A sketch with directions is available here.