The history of Göttinger towing company Körner

Since 2018, the PS.SPEICHER Depot Lkw + Bus has another highlight to offer visitors. In addition to the individual stories of the 300 commercial vehicles, guests can discover yet another story.

The exhibition “Towed! The history of Göttinger towing company Körner” tells the story of the Körner family, who made it their mission to recover stranded trucks in the local region after the Second World War. They were operational on the A7 and the B27 for ten years, helping vehicles in need. While doing so, they had all kinds of adventures that are remembered to this day. A camera was brought on every callout to document accidents. Find out more about the professional history of the Körner family and hear curious stories from their working lives. You can also take a brief look at the current state of safety and accident prevention.

By the way: The (photo) exhibition is the final project of our former social volunteer for 2017/2018, Tim Schrank. It is installed at the PS.SPEICHER Depot Lkw + Bus (Otto Hahn Park, Otto-Hahn-Str. 3-5) and can be viewed every Saturday and Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00 during the summer season (April to October).

Admission to “Towed! The history of Göttinger towing company Körner” is included in the regular admission price of the depot.

Further information about the exhibition can also be found in our flyer.