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KKT opening concert: Silje Nergaard "Houses"
KKT opening concert: Silje Nergaard "Houses"

Fri, 15 Mar



KKT opening concert: Silje Nergaard "Houses"

The Norwegian jazz singer and songwriter Silje Nergaard with her guitar duo. Finely woven sound beads in a class of their own.

Time & Location

15 Mar 2024, 19:30

PS.STORAGE, Tiedexer Tor 3a, 37574 Einbeck, Germany

About the event

When Silje Nergaard went on tour for the first time flanked by only two guitarists, many concertgoers were surprised at the announcement of such a formation, but that turned into pure admiration for such musicality and incredible drive during the performances. In recent years, these two top-class guitarists, together with their front woman, have become an independent brand that leaves no desire for a larger formation.

Silje is a wonderful songwriter and singer who enjoys gently sparkling ballads as well as the big numbers of the American Songbook, local lullabies, hits from rock and pop. Together with her guitarists Havar Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg, she brings this magnificent mixture of jazz, funk, pop, velvety ballads, Scandinavian folklore, vocal art and dexterity to the stage, presented with a lot of fun and enthusiasm.

At the opening concert of the KULTURKRAFTTAGE, after over 30 years on stage and 15 published albums, she will present her new concept album “Houses” alongside tried-and-tested classics from her repertoire - about hopes, dreams, love and longing for the future, with which she personally processed impressions, experiences and thoughts during the first year of the corona pandemic, but ultimately always looked beyond their own horizons.

Silje Nergaard was probably the first of the many Norwegian singers who followed and became a figurehead of modern Scandinavian pop jazz in this country. She made her debut as a 16-year-old at the most famous festival in her homeland - Molde. Their musicians are there: Jaco Pastorius' orphaned band. Then Pat Metheny discovered the singer and helped her get her first record deal.

Since her debut album "Tell Me Where You're Going", on which Pat Metheney also appeared and which reached number 7 in the Norwegian pop charts in 1990, she has become an integral part of the cross-genre Scandinavian music scene. She is one of the very few protagonists of jazz who also enjoy great popularity in the pop world, because any kind of blinders are alien to her.

Your album “At First Light” (2001) sold over 140,000 copies and the song “Be Still My Heart” made you known beyond the borders of international jazz. In 2008 she recorded the album “A Thousand True Stories” with a large orchestra, arranged and conducted by Vince Mendoza. She performed with jazz musicians such as Al Jarreau, John Scofield, Nils Langren, Kurt Ellings, Till Brönner and Roger Cicero.

Silje Nergaard - vocals

Havar Bendiksen - guitar

Hallgrim Bratberg - guitar


Tickets arehere available as well as in PS.SPEICHER and at all known presale locations

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