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The Mecca of the German classic car scene in Einbeck, Lower Saxony.

The largest collection of classic cars and motor bikes in Europe opens its doors to the public in summer 2020

PS.SPEICHER, the classic vehicle museum in Einbeck has earned a great reputation since it opened five years ago, as one of the most interesting and impressive vintage vehicle museums in Germany. Every year almost 100,000 guests have visited the museum, which was founded by a German collector, Mr. Karl-Heinz Rehkopf. Following the success of the last five years, PS.SPEICHER plans to make the entire Rehkopf collection open to the public: With a total of around 2,500 exhibits, visitors will have access to Europe's largest classic vehicle collection, starting in July 2020.

The collection contains 1,200 historic motorcycles, 630 cars, including small and micro cars, 200 trucks and buses, the Lanz-Bulldog tractor collection, as well as a collection of historic electric vehicles. These will all be accessible in each of the four “PS.Depots”, as well as in the main exhibition building at PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck. The truck and bus collection has been on display for the last three years every Saturday during the summer season; now with the further three PS.Depots located nearby, almost all of the legendary Karl-Heinz Rehkopf collection, which has taken over 50 years to collect, will now be open to the public. The only exceptions are the collection of bicycles and small parts, along with a few duplicate vehicles.
"As far as we know, PS.SPEICHER is the largest collection of its kind in Europe," says PS.SPEICHER Managing Director, Mr. Lothar Meyer-Mertel, "maybe even worldwide. In any case, it is the largest of its kind and will now be freely accessible.” Visitors should allow plenty of time when they visit.  "It is hardly possible to see everything in just one day" explains Mr. Meyer-Mertel.

A tour through the main exhibition (PS.SPEICHER) takes around three hours; an additional one to two hours should be planned for each individual PS.Depot. Apart from the scheduled time, there is of course the question of how much time does it take a person to take pictures and consume refreshments in one day. "Surely many guests have a clear interest in certain exhibits and do not necessarily want to see everything." We think our spectacular collection of historical motorcycles will probably be the big focus of interest.

Whilst the PS.SPEICHER collection is impressive, with the quality of presentation and its curatorial concept, each of the PS.Depots will impress the guests with the overwhelming quantity and variety of the different exhibits. A selection of highlighted exhibits - which represent the various development stages - intend to optically “break up” the long rows of vehicles.

For the city of Einbeck, the opening of the PS.Depots represents another important milestone in the city’s development. "The PS.SPEICHER museum has made a big impact to the city," says Mayor Dr. Sabine Michalek, “Tourism is booming, restaurant and retail business are benefiting. The whole city is reviving: Einbeck is increasingly becoming a Mecca for the vintage vehicle scene, which every classic car fan should visit at least once in their life”.

Due to the complexity of the locations, access to the PS.Depots will initially be possible in the form of guided tours. Visiting dates can be booked via a booking system available online. Closed groups can also book guided, or non-guided tours outside the scheduled times. Starting in July, a total of four PS.Depots will be accessible:

The PS.Depot Lkw+Bus, which has been almost entirely run by volunteers (who we refer as “active volunteers”), has been accessible every Saturday during the summer season (April to October) for the last three years. This will continue to be the case in the future; however, this depot will expand even more than before to become an “active depot”. Already now, various events take place like the “Tractor day” and “Fire brigade day”, as well as many historical vehicle meetings, where vehicles from the collection are brought back to life and driven around the premises. Alongside trucks and buses on the same premises, are over 30 rare Lanz-Bulldog tractors.

The PS.Depot Motorrad is located in the historic “Vereta” wallpaper factory. There are a total of 800 two-wheelers exhibited on 3.500 m² of floor space, over 3 floors. The collection concentrates on German motorcycle from their beginning, up to the late 1970’s. A selection of international brands from the 1970’s can also be seen alongside them. In the “Vereta” building there are also two historical wallpaper printing machines, as well as almost 1.000 printing rolls and sample catalogues, which provide an authentic view of Germany’s industrial history, all set in the lovingly renovated building complex.

The PS.Depot Automobile is located in a former industrial plant, directly opposite the PS.Depot Motorrad building. The 200 automobiles are displayed on 3.800 m² of floor space, on 2 floors. The collection concentrates on cars built during the economic-boom era. In addition to the major manufacturing brands like VW, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Adler and Borgward, a selection of “specially selected objects” can also be seen. In one side room, there is a small, but fine collection of vintage toy vehicles and carousels, especially made for small and big children.

The PS.Depot Kleinwagen houses our micro car collection featuring 230 micro cars, most of which have been inherited from the former Störy collection. The rest of the 2.500 m² building houses a small collection of electric vehicles, racing cars and curiosities. In the PS.Depot Kleinwagen there is also a visitor’s welcome centre, where tickets can be purchased, and groups are guided towards the other depots.

Entrance fee costs € 10 per Person for the tour of each Depot. Each tour takes around 90 minutes. For reservations please call our reservations Hotline: +49 5561 8888 or via E-Mail: