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Gift vouchers for grandparents and seniors

Giving gifts to grandparents and seniors can be a big challenge. They have usually already seen and experienced a lot in their lives. In addition, they are always happy to see their families and enjoy reminiscing about the good old memories. But everyone really wants to experience something new together.


So how do you pack all of these considerations into a great gift that suits everyone?

Very easy with the PS.SPEICHER! It shows more than 2,500 historical exhibits at 5 locations in Einbeck. In a lavishly restored historic granary, the main exhibition, you can experience your very own individual journey through time through the history of mobility in over 40 scenes and 6 floors. The grandparents can certainly provide vivid accounts of their own lives at many of the exhibits, and the grandchildren can experience history from completely new perspectives. We have very well distributed resting points as well as discovery and hiding places on all 6 floors, so that no one will get bored. Afterwards, the Genusswerkstatt restaurant is available for a good pick-me-up and refreshment.

For those who haven't had enough, there is still a lot of potential for discovery in the 4 depots (motorcycle, small car, automobile and truck + bus (including tractors)).

Everything you need for a day trip, weekend trip or holiday stop is waiting for you in the middle of Germany at PS.SPEICHER.


So book the tickets quickly, or if you haven't been able to plan an exact date yet, book the vouchers as a gift and convert them into tickets later quickly and easily.

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