The PS.SPEICHER is a project of the non-profit STIFTUNG PS.SPEICHER. It was founded in 2009. The founder and chairman of the board is the businessman and collector, Karl-Heinz Rehkopf. The director of the STIFTUNG PS.SPEICHER is Mr. Holger Eilers.

The Stiftung PS.SPEICHER has two primary goals:

  • to preserve cultural heritage sites, such as the historic storehouse in Einbeck,
  • and to keep the significant collection of German motorcycles accessible to the public at the PS.SPEICHER, the historic storehouse and industrial monument in Einbeck.

A strong team

Around 35 full-time staff and over 70 volunteers are currently involved in the upkeep of our unique exhibition spaces in Einbeck. The Stiftung PS.SPEICHER would like to thank this dedicated team, without whom the PS.SPEICHER would not have been possible. To keep up our success in the future, the team is expected to grow even further.

At the Christmas party 2016, we finally got all our employees in front of the camera:)
Around 100 jobs will be created in proximity to the PS.SPEICHER: administrative employees, museum guides, cashiers, supervisors, shop assistants and cleaning staff are only some of the vacancies that the PS.SPEICHER has filled or plans to fill with Einbeck residents and people from the local area. The team of the PS.SPEICHER will be happy to help you any time.