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Main exhibition

Over 200 years of mobility history - in the lavishly restored historic granary you will find much more than just a museum. In the PS.SPEICHER you can experience your very own journey through time. You can experience the history of mobility in a clear, varied and interactive way using over 400 staged exhibits in over 40 scenes. Explorers big and small can deepen their knowledge at the numerous display boards, activity stations and films, or simply let their eyes wander over the lovingly staged areas and enjoy the authentic atmosphere.


As soon as you enter, you immediately recognize the main theme of the main exhibition - a perfect interplay of the historical and the modern. All 8 eras of our journey through time are well distributed across the 6 floors of the former granary and have a lot of variety in store for you. Many globally unique examples of mobility are waiting to be discovered by you, such as the oldest surviving traffic ticket in the world.

Guided Tour

Would you not only like to enjoy the exhibition, but also hear the many stories behind the individual objects? Then you should book a tour for yourself and your companion with our experienced PS.Pilots and you will get a deeper insight into the PS.SPEICHER.

Foyer / Reception

In the foyer you have to arrive first. You can expect the object of the month, unique vehicle cut-outs, information and a huge marble run. The foyer also provides access to the main exhibition, the special exhibitions, the shop, the PS.Halle, the lockers and the toilet facility - everything is barrier-free, by the way.

The journey through time begins

Your journey through time begins in the large elevator in the foyer and you will be transported from today back to 1812.What did mobility look like back then? What were the main propulsion modules? What social environment did people live in? Not only does the oldest street-legal automobile in the world await you here, but...

PS.SPEICHER_Main Exhibition_001.jpg

In the first of eight eras, the PS.SPEICHER shows various technological approaches to mobility - a departure into the 19th century.

1812 – 1914
The engine hits the road
   Epoch 1   
PS.SPEICHER_Main Exhibition_002.jpg

After the First World War, the vehicle industry also benefited from technological knowledge gained during the war. Epoch 2 is dedicated to imaginative designers and their machines.

1914 – 1929
The motorcycle for everyone
   Epoch 2   
PS.SPEICHER_Main Exhibition_Epoche_3.jpg

Epoch 3 focuses on motorization during the National Socialist era and shows the diversity of German motorcycle types. So-called “people’s machines” mobilize people - they are politically wanted and subsidized.

1930 – 1945
People's vehicles

A new beginning for motorization in the first post-war decade: Motorization initially remains predominantly two-wheeled, bicycles with and without an auxiliary motor as well as mopeds dominate the street scene.

Reconstruction and motorization
   Epoch 3-4   

Epoch 5 takes a look at the development of the vehicle industry in both German states and shows similarities and differences in automobile and motorcycle development. Let yourself be surprised, many things cannot be clearly assigned.

1950 – 1961
Motorization in East and West

Rising wages and falling working hours shaped the consumer and leisure behavior of German citizens in the 1960s. Those who can afford it switch from motorcycles to automobiles and can increasingly indulge their wanderlust.

1961 – 1970
leisure society
   Epoch 5-6   
PS.SPEICHER_Main Exhibition_005.jpg

Technical innovations, more developed drives, higher performance.

PS.SPEICHER shows all this and much more in its newest exhibition area.

From the 1990s
to the present day
   Epoch 7-8   
1970 to the end of the 1980s
Stronger – faster – safer

In the 1970s and 1980s, the focus was not only on mobility: also on crises such as the terror of the RAF, the influences of music and film history and German reunification. A highlight of our exhibition is the DeLorean from the well-known film trilogy “Back to the Future”.

PS.SPEICHER_Main Exhibition_006.jpg

A relaxed stroll through our shop always serves as a little breather. Souvenirs, regional items, illustrated books and antiquarian items can be discovered in the shop - perhaps a small souvenir or souvenir for those staying at home.

Museum shop
  Shop, special exhibitions, PS.Halle, restaurant   

The PS.SPEICHER is much more than a museum. From very small and private to very large and public - we provide events with the right setting. In ourEvents calendar you can look for your highlights.


The team around chef Hannes Langlotz creates new dishes every day, mostly from regional & seasonal products, paired with international influences & Flavors. 

Tuesday - Sunday I 12.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m

Coffee & Cake I 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.:

Look forward to freshly prepared dishes from the grill kitchen and homemade cakes.

Monday - Saturday I 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.:
In the evening, sophisticated dishes with seasonal highlights await you. In addition to a grill menu with juicy meat, fresh fish & vegetables, you can also enjoy a completely vegan menu.

With its freely accessible full-motion simulator, one of the few in Germany, the PS.SPEICHER offers a unique racing feeling for all hobby racing drivers! But be careful: this is only for those with strong nerves.

Porsche racing simulator

All events for which our PS.Halle is too small take place in the large outdoor area. The events calendar has many great events in store for you throughout the year. The Einbeck Classic Car Days are always the clear highlight in summer.

Major events

After visiting the exhibition, many guests ask themselves how such classic cars actually drive and what it feels like to drive a vehicle without power steering, brake boosters and stability control. In order to get to the bottom of these mysteries, PS.SPEICHER provides suitable vintage cars for rental that can be driven without any special prior knowledge. 

Classic car rental

   Popular Tickets   

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