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than 2,500 historical exhibits

Our main exhibition in the PS.SPEICHER takes you on a journey through the history of mobility spanning over 200 years and guides you through all eras and phases of development.

In our four different depots within Einbeck you can enjoy small cars, discover exhibits from 100 years of commercial vehicle history or go on an exploration tour through the world of motorcycles and automobiles.

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Classic and classic car rental

After visiting the exhibition, many guests are left wondering how such classic cars actually drive and what it feels like to drive a vehicle without power steering, brake boosters and stability control.

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Porsche 911 Rennsimulator

With its freely accessible full-motion simulator - one of the few in Germany - the PS.SPEICHER offers a unique racing feeling for all hobby racing drivers!

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Grill cuisine in the GENUSSWERKSTATT

We think grill cuisine big and we rethink it. In addition to our grill menu with succulent meat, fresh fish and vegetables, you can also enjoy a completely vegan menu with flavors from the grill. This is because aspects of barbecue cuisine can be found again and again in the preparation method - from flamed cauliflower and grilled steak to smoky flavors in dessert.

Enjoying sophisticated regional and seasonal dishes from the grill not only provides a taste explosion in your mouth, but also supports our local farmers and protects the environment. Our GENUSSHANDWERKER are constantly inventing and tinkering to ensure that our grilled cuisine lands on your plate in a new way every season.


FREIgeist Einbeck is a new, creative hotel in the heart of Lower Saxony. Our designers have thought through the furnishings of the rooms down to the last detail and have focused entirely on your personal well-being. Thanks to the hotel's location directly at the PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck, it is ideally connected to one of the most innovative exhibition and museum concepts in German bicycle, motorcycle and automobile history. This theme is also reflected in the design of FREIgeist Einbeck. Not only classic car enthusiasts and horsepower lovers will find the right hotel room here!

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