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The PS.SPEICHER is much more than a museum. We offer numerous options for professional and private events. 
From very small and private to very large and public - we give your event the right setting.

Our PS.Halle, with a total area (ground floor and gallery) of approx. 1300 m², offers space for up to 800 people. Due to its multifunctional features, it is ideally equipped for (large) events such as concerts, banquets, meetings, congresses and company general meetings. Our PS.Forum, with its approx. 450 m², can accommodate up to 400 people. Thanks to its diverse design options, our forum can also be optimally used for celebrations and events in smaller, private settings.

For events of 30-100 people we recommend our restaurant GENUSSWERKSTATT with the rooms Megola or Benz-Victoria. 

   Recognized extracurricular learning location   

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   Learning workshop    

In the Learning workshop In comparison to the other rooms, the focus is less on the character of celebration: here people work and “get things done”. There is a car and metal workshop as well as conference and seminar rooms on an area of 1000 m². The learning workshop is ideal for team events and employee training. Of course, this area can also be rented by private individuals.

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