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Program: “Time Travel”

Suitable from kindergarten onwards

(can also be booked as a school trip, children's birthday party or holiday campaign)

What is the significance of horsepower? What ideas did people have for getting around without horses? The school classes get the answers to this in the exhibition.

From balance bikes to bicycles to motorcycles and cars, students are taught the social and political significance of the development of vehicles. You compare and recognize their further development and then create a suitable timeline of these vehicles. They have to remember which vehicles they have to classify in which time frame. You can see the further development by directly comparing the illustrations with each other. By subsequently comparing the (group) results, the knowledge learned is expanded and consolidated.

Information sheet Further information - group size, duration of the programs, costs and relation to the teaching subjects - is available here as a PDF download.

Download PDF • 3.63MB

Please note - Cost information: The cost is €8 per participant plus a flat rate of €50 per workshop.

Two accompanying persons receive free entry.


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