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Records in PS.SPEICHER. The classic car museum in Einbeck is preparing for the future.

EINBECK. The past year 2023 brought a record number of visitors to the PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck. In addition, Europe's largest classic car collection is focusing more on digitalization. Good signs for the anniversary year 2024 “10 years of PS.SPEICHER – A year of mobility”.

Around 100,000 visitors followed the PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck's offerings in 2023 - this puts the museum 25 percent above the previous year's figures. Sales are even over 30 percent more. This means that 2023 is significantly higher than the previous record year of 2016. At the same time, PS.SPEICHER was also able to improve its results. Whether in the main exhibition, the five other collections of the PS.SPEICHER as well as numerous events such as the tractor day, the vehicle meetings “Coffee & Carosses”, the biker day as well as the Einbeck vintage car and Einbeck commercial vehicle days. All vehicle segments were represented, from bicycles to large trucks.


The management of the PS.SPEICHER STIFTUNG emphasizes that the museum's success is based primarily on the commitment of its employees. “The praise goes to the entire team, whether full-time or voluntary, full-time or part-time. Everyone helped us achieve our goals,” says Jan Kalbfleisch, board member of the PS.SPEICHER FOUNDATION. “However, the justifiable joy about the successes achieved must not obscure the fact that the PS.SPEICHER is still far from being where it should be and where it belongs. The bottom line is that the positive development in the result only means a slightly smaller loss and slightly smaller subsidies.” The existence of the PS.SPEICHER still depends primarily on the founder couple Gabriele and Karl-Heinz Rehkopf, the generous support of the AKB Foundation and the outstanding commitment of the FörderFreunde PS.SPEICHER eV. “It is extremely regrettable that to date it has not been possible to sufficiently convince public authorities in the municipality, district and state of the great importance of the PS.SPEICHER and its positive impact on the people in the region. The task of permanently and reliably attracting 150,000 or even 180,000 people to the southern Lower Saxony province is very challenging and immensely complex. PS.SPEICHER has to face all the challenges of efficiency, agility and creativity, like any 'normal' company. Maybe even more. It is not without reason that we go through a profound change process and question ourselves and our previous paradigms. We will continue on the positive path in 2024. To do this, we continue to need the support of many people and institutions who have recognized the value of our joint project PS.SPEICHER,” says Jan B. Kalbfleisch.


10 years of PS.MEMORY

PS.SPEICHER is now starting its tenth year under the motto “Einbeck moves”. The main focus of PS.SPEICHER in 2024 will continue to be on the staged and multimedia main exhibition at Tiedexer Tor. At the same time, new digital offerings simplify the visitor experience. PS.SPEICHER has expanded its ticket offering, launched a new website, created additional options for purchasing vouchers and is increasingly focusing on emotional short videos in online marketing.

For several months now, visitors to the PS.SPEICHER and the collections have been able to purchase their tickets online. The museum initially introduced this option and then gradually adapted it. “We respond quickly to visitor feedback. Starting next spring, we will be offering so-called “self-service terminals” in our collections for purchasing cards,” says managing director Lothar Meyer-Mertel.


Filled calendar of events

Life around the PS.SPEICHER was always characterized by emotional and exciting events. This will continue in 2024. The art and culture festival “KULTURKRAFTTAGE” will take place in the PS.Halle from March 15th to 17th. In addition, the support friends PS.SPEICHER eV are once again presenting a wide-ranging program all year round. At the opening event on February 23rd, Jan B. Kalbfleisch, board member of the PS.SPEICHER STIFTUNG, looks back on the past decade with planners and those involved in the early days of PS.SPEICHER. There will be further lecture events on the BMW Isetta, the VW Beetle or the Borgward brand, on alternative drives, book presentations and the current program by cabaret artist Jürgen Becker until the end of the year.

With the Einbeck Classic Car Days on June 29th, PS.SPEICHER is once again hosting the largest classic car rally in Germany and for Blue Light Day on September 21st, organizations from Einbeck such as the DRK, the Johanniter, the police, the THW and many more will be presenting on the collection grounds Truck & Bus their important work. At the Biker Day on August 24th, PS.SPEICHER is once again expecting hundreds of motorcyclists and is offering a platform for all mobility enthusiasts at the monthly “Coffee & Cars” vehicle meeting. An event for historic buses and numerous brand meetings round off the program. There is always something going on at PS.SPEICHER: “Einbeck moves!”

Further information about PS.SPEICHER, its collection as well as opening times and all events can be found at .

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